Masterplans Guide To Pitching Investors
Masterplans Guide To Pitching Investors

Creating your business plan and pitch deck is only one part of the capital raise process

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re passionate and excited about your company. It’s amazing, it’s groundbreaking, and any investor would be LUCKY to get in on it, right?

But that’s where you’re wrong. Investors are bombarded with interest, all from people just as excited as you, all saying their project is the one that will disrupt the industry.

Instead, approach fundraising process with the attitude that investors don’t want to invest. Your job is to make it hard for an investor to turn down your opportunity.

Like all of us, investors don’t want to lose money or look foolish…

Masterplans Guide to the Best Pitch Deck Ever
Masterplans Guide to the Best Pitch Deck Ever

The pitch deck is one of the most important documents a startup seeking funding will produce. Learn what investors want to see.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you have a meeting with potential investors, congratulations! You’ve got your foot in the door. Now the pressure’s on not to screw it up. You only have a short window of time to wow them.

In order to get the investment you need, which will help get your company off the ground, you need an amazing pitch deck.

Keep in mind that a business plan and pitch deck are not the same thing. A business plan is a very detailed, 20- to 50-page document that lays out everything a loan officer or potential investor…

Save Small Business: Write your Congressperson Today
Save Small Business: Write your Congressperson Today

I’m sick to my stomach — for my employees and for other small businesses and their employees. But most of all, I’m sick that I believed the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was about keeping small businesses afloat. In reality, it’s just a loan guarantee program for the banks — tantamount to another bailout at the expense of the taxpayer.

Nowhere in the bill does it say that small businesses must have existing debt to be eligible, but big banks like Bank of America — mind you the same institutions bailed out in the 2008 recession — are adding this…

We’ve heard it all: “It’s unprecedented,” “it’s scary,” and “the largest economic rescue package in human history.” Can we all agree to stop using the latest buzzwords and hyperbolic phrases and start thinking like the adaptive, dynamic, and free-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners we know we are? Commerce has never been about a straight line to a destination and COVID-19 is no different — running a company is setting a heading, packing the right gear for the journey, and then remembering how to act when you stumble upon that mama grizzly and her cubs. …

When a fire breaks out there are two types of people: those who head in the opposite direction, fleeing to what they think is safety as the fire burns through the city; and those who run toward the fire, trying to help their friends and neighbors, throwing buckets of water on the growing flames, feeding the firemen, housing the victims. I like to think that underneath the laziness, complacency, opulence, and division that has grown like a cancer in our nation, there are still people ready to run toward the blaze. Besides the first responders, health care heroes, and essential…

Brent Butler

I'm the CEO and founder of Masterplans. I've been working with entrepreneurs and companies in the startup phase since founding the company in 2002.

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